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Fragile X

Fragile X is a genetic condition that may cause mild or moderate degrees of learning or intellectual difficulties. Children may have a longer shaped face with features such as slightly larger ears or more flexible fingers from low muscle tone. Children with Fragile X are sometimes more likely to have seizures, autistic features or hyperactivity. 

What you can do to help

Children may need more support with their learning both at school and at home, further information can be found here. Children with symptoms of anxiety can be supported with books, apps and local mental health services as recommended by your health visitor, GP practice nurse or GP.

Children with symptoms of hyperactivity are often helped with the same strategies as children who have ADHD. Children with features of autism can access support from here.

How we can help

A child with Fragile X may be assessed by a Paediatrician to consider their learning needs, to contribute to a medical report for additional educational support, or to consider whether a further additional diagnosis of autism or ADHD is needed.

Physiotherapists may be able to advise on issues with low muscle tone. Occupational therapists may be able to advise on interventions that may help with specific difficulties at home or at school. Speech and language therapists may be needed if your child has speech and language delay.

Information about our drop in speech and language clinics can be viewed here.

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