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The Community Paediatric Audiology Service in Cambridge provides hearing assessment and advice for children for whom there is concern about hearing in Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire and East Cambridgeshire. We can assess children aged 9 months old to 16 years old and will require a referral from your child’s GP, Health Visitor, School, Paeditrician or Speech Therapist.

Click here for a copy of the Cambridge Audiology Referral form.

Audiology services in Huntingdon and Chatteris areas are provided by Hinchingbrooke Hospital, audiology clinic, in Fenland by the audiology clinic at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, March is via Peterborough or Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Click here for a copy of the Huntingdonshire Audiology referral form.

Hearing loss in Children

A very small number of children are born with a permanent hearing loss but most hearing loss in childhood is temporary. Hearing loss can affect speech, language, social communication, behaviour and attention.

What you can do to help

If you suspect your child has a hearing loss, let your carer or nursery/ playgroup/ school know about your concerns, they may help by offering information about your child’s behaviour and how your child responds in other settings. It sometimes helps to ask other family members if there is any family history of hearing loss. Sometimes your child’s hearing may be affected for a few weeks with a cough, cold or earache: This usually resolves spontaneously, but if symptoms persist a hearing test is recommended.

If you are concerned that your child’s speech, language or communication skills are delayed or disordered, you can access the speech and language drop in clinics here. Speech and language therapists sometimes refer children for hearing tests before they start therapy.

How we can help

Newborn Hearing Screen - all babies in the UK will be offered a newborn hearing screen that will either be carried out in hospital shortly after birth or in a community setting. The newborn hearing screening teams should be able to offer your baby a hearing screen up to the age of 3 months old. You should contact the hospital where your baby was born or your midwife/health visitor to find out how to access a newborn hearing screen if this has not yet been carried out.

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