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Think your child might have Autism?

In the first instance, if you have worries about your child’s development talk to your health Visitor, Nursery Worker, Family Worker, School Teacher or SENCO about whether they share your concerns. Then you can plan together what the next steps might be.

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How we can help

Community Paediatrics assesses children who have developmental conditions including social communication difficulties and Autism following a referral by Health Visitors, Nurseries and schools.

Getting information about your child from all the places they are spend time and are cared for is vital to get a rounded picture of them. All referrals are considered carefully by senior paediatricians.

At the assessment you will meet a Paediatrician and a Speech and Language Therapist at the same time in the same room.

The Speech and Language Therapist will play and interact with your child and the paediatrician will talk to you about your child’s development.

The paediatrician may do a physical examination of your child. Usually it’s possible to feedback to you at the end of this appointment; if not a further appointment or other relevant plans are made.

Throughout this website the terms autism, autistic spectrum disorders and the abbreviation ASD are used to cover the whole range of developmental presentations and terms, which include Kanner’s autism, autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) and Asperger syndrome.

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The Nurse was really supportive and understanding, it wasn’t awkward. I enjoyed it.