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Who we are

Hello and welcome to our website.

We are paediatricians who work in the community. 

Paediatricians can help families to best understand their child’s medical needs, and reach a conclusion that best describes a child’s challenges  and strengths to enable the family, health, education and social care services to best understand and support your child’s needs.

We have a base in Cambridge at the Peacock Centre  and Huntingdon at the Oak Tree Centre.  We are only able to see children in a clinic setting who meet our referral criteria. 

We have links  across health, education and social care. We hope our website will be helpful to you in your journey for best helping your child. 

What we do

We assess and diagnose children with developmental difficulties, hearing difficulties and complex disability and work with education and other  professionals to support children with additional needs  in education. 

We may also be part of a multidisciplinary team, caring for your child across multiple services and organisations which may include Team Around the Family (TAF) processes. Your identified Paediatrician would decide on attendance at these meetings according to your child's needs and workload capacity. Community Paediatricians can't always come to TAF meetings or act as lead professionals but they will endeavour to ensure all relevant and up to date information about your child is shared with the team. Here is the link to the 'Think Family' website page that explains the TAF process in more detail.

We provide medical care to children with medical needs  in special education schools as well as looked after children. 

Clinics are offered at the Cambridge, Huntingdon and Fenland in medical centres, hospital and special schools.

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Patient Experience

The Nurse was really supportive and understanding, it wasn’t awkward. I enjoyed it.