• Local Children’s Group Celebrates National Breastfeeding Week

    by Kirstie Flack | Jun 23, 2017

    Wisbech Breastfeeding Picnic 2017Health Visitors and Nursery Nurses from Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust hosted a joint celebration picnic with the Children’s Centre, Wisbech in aid of National Breastfeeding Week.

    National Breastfeeding Celebration Week runs from 20th to 26th June. The aim of the week this year is to provide an opportunity for mothers, breastfeeding supporters and health professionals to come together and share what works well to support breastfeeding in local communities in order to create a more breastfeeding friendly culture. It is about showcasing all the good work that is happening locally to support breastfeeding.

    Elizabeth Kurleto-Slabber, Nursery Nurse, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust said: “There are many challenges for women to breastfeed in society today these include the environment they live in, culture expectations as well as personal circumstances.

    “Breastfed babies have less diarrhoea and vomiting, fewer chest infections, less chance of being constipated, less chance of developing eczema and less likelihood of becoming over weight and developing type 2 diabetes and other illnesses later in life. For mothers’ breastfeeding can reduce their risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer or breaking a hip later in life. It can save the family money and it supports that strong emotional bond for the future with babies.

    “Thank you to everyone for your support and attending the event. It was lovely to see so many people supporting and contributing to greater awareness of Breastfeeding in our community, I do hope that everyone enjoyed the day.”

    10 families enjoyed a picnic, games, quizzes, a Breastfeeding shaped cake and a sing a long session.

    For more information about Breastfeeding and the Baby Friendly Initiative please come along and join the group at their weekly breastfeeding drop-in which takes place every Monday from 12.30pm to 2.30pm at the Oasis Children’s Centre, St Michael’s Avenue, Wisbech PE13 3NR.

    Families enjoying the celebrations

  • Local family raises £800 for the wonderful care and support

    by Kirstie Flack | Jun 13, 2017


    Lauren Best donationCambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust has received a donation of £800 for Holly Ward at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

    The money was raised by Lauren and James Best in memory of their daughter Mya-Louise who sadly passed away in June 2016.

    Lauren said:" Our little girl, Mya-Louise, aged 6½, passed away in June 2016 from liver failure.

    "We raised £800 last November on what would have been our princess’s 7th birthday selling Christmas cards, wristbands and candles and we will be doing this as an annual event.

    "The reason we raised this for Holly Ward is for the wonderful help we received not just for our princess but for our entire family unit. We are forever grateful for all the care and support that was given to us from all the medical and non-medical staff whenever Mya-Louise was admitted, especially around this time last year, when she was on Holly Ward for the last four weeks of her life.

    "We wanted to do something positive on the anniversary of our beloved princess Mya-Louise Robyn Best."

    The cheque was presented to Sandie White, Holly ward and paediatric outpatient manager, by Sean Best, Mya-Louise’s brother. Sandie said: "We are extremely grateful to Lauren, James and Sean for this wonderful donation to Holly Ward. The money raised will be used to furnish our sensory room with soft bean bags."

    Photo left to right:
    Sherry Harris, continuing care team, Sarah Hughes – matron, Laura Gould – deputy sister, Laura Philips – staff nurse, James, Sean and Lauren Best, Maria Mathers – deputy sister, Dr Nik Johnson, Sandie White – ward manager, Michelle Paffett – deputy sister, Dr Kate Reilly and Lauren Kidd – deputy sister.

  • Going above and beyond wins Trust award

    by Kirstie Flack | Jun 09, 2017

    Matthew and Julia (final)Julia Michael, ESR OSM programme lead, based in St Ives, has been awarded the Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust’s Shine a Light award.

    Julia was nominated by Sarah Saul, business manager, DynamicHealth, for going above and beyond in supporting their service and team.

    Sarah said: "Julia has been so supportive to DynamicHealth services with the mandatory training issues that have been faced and the ESR pilot that we have been involved in.

    "Julia and her team are helpful,
    approachable and aim to solve any issues we throw at them. Julia has also come out to our divisional meeting to explain the challenges and what she, the team and CCS are doing to resolve them. She has met with individuals, helped staff achieve remote access, provided "how to" guides for us all and sent out regular compliance reports.

    "She is patient, kind, helpful and the whole team is pivotal to the Trust’s progression onto full ESR delivery and overcoming the IT and system challenges currently being faced and DynamicHealth are very appreciative of all the extra assistance Julia has given to us."

    The "Shine a Light" scheme allows members of the public to nominate staff who have delivered a fantastic service and made a real difference to their lives. Trust staff are also encouraged to nominate their colleagues.

    On winning the award Julia said: "I was very surprised to have been nominated and to have won this award which was totally unexpected.

    "I recognise that this award is a team effort and I am grateful to have both Ellie Fivash and Niamh Robinson working alongside of me supporting all the services to the highest level possible, and this award has now confirmed that we are making a real positive contribution.

    I have worked for CCS for over 8 years and have enjoyed all the challenges within my role, even the fact that my Welsh heritage has at times been compromised in certain International Sporting events, but I have taken it in good humour in the spirit of good Equality and Diversity."

    Every month a member of staff or a team are selected from a list of nominations as the "Shine a Light" award winner. If you would like to nominate a member of staff or a team who has gone the extra mile for you, you can nominate online at 

    Photo: Julia Michael and Matthew Winn, Chief Executive.

  • Posh players celebrate physio clinic

    by Debbie Manning | Jun 08, 2017

    Physiotherapy can change lives and it’s access to NHS services like DynamicHealth based at Rivergate, Vierzen Platz, that make it possible.

    Now, almost a year after the bespoke clinic, provided by Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust opened to patients, a team from Peterborough United FC visited for the anniversary celebration.

    Before cutting the ribbon Jack Collison, now under 18s manager after retiring fromPeterboro United Photo injury in 2016 said that footballers were no exception to needing support from specialists like those at DynamicHealth. He said:  “The effects of illness or injury can not only cause pain and reduce mobility but it can knock your confidence. These conditions can affect anyone and footballers are no exception.

     “The DynamicHealth Peterborough team has always had an ‘every problem has a solution’ mentality. They took the relocation to Rivergate in their stride - working together on design and development to create a modern and welcoming rehabilitation environment.”

    Jack was joined by Academy Manager Nick Sheppard, first team player Lewis Freestone and mascot Peter Burrow at the event.  A spokesperson from Peterborough United FC said: “We were delighted to be invited to officially open this new facility and everybody at Peterborough United know the significance of this environment. Injuries can affect patients both physically and mentally and having viewed the facility, we know how beneficial this will be to those that use it.”


    DynamicHealth provides specialised services for people living with or experiencing problems from muscles, nerves and joints. These are known as musculoskeletal (MSK) problems and include symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness and weakness as a result of injury, strain, posture or following an operation.

    Sarah Saul, business manager said: “The anniversary has been a great opportunity to share the team’s hard work with other Trust colleagues and the representatives from Peterborough United FC.

    “Our experts can assist with managing these symptoms and treat all MSK problems from the neck and jaw to the feet. We are passionate about delivering a highly effective, evidence based and sustainable service.”

  • Family eternally grateful for outstanding

    by Kirstie Flack | May 24, 2017
    Laura Kaye Shine a Light winner 

    Laura Kaye, Speech and Language Therapist, based in Chesterton, has been awarded the Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust’s Shine a Light award.

    Laura was nominated by her colleague Lynne Millard, Speech and Language Therapy team leader, Cambridge on behalf of the mother of one of her patient’s, for the outstanding care and professionalism shown towards the family.

    Lynne said: “I would like to nominate Laura as she often receives feedback from patients and as her manager I regularly receive verbal thanks and comments about her care and professionalism. This time, the parent of the little boy she was working with attached a video to show her son talking in his assembly. This may seem quite a straightforward thing to do but not if you have previously been unable to speak. We are lucky to have Laura in our team and I felt this particular email demonstrated the type of feedback and recognition she often receives and definitely deserves!”

    The email read: “Hi Laura, I hope you are well. My son had a speaking part as a weatherman in his school assembly today; I took a video and wanted to send it for you to see. My son speaks so well, please watch it and know how eternally grateful we are to you. Thank you and best wishes.”

    The “Shine a Light” scheme allows members of the public to nominate staff who have delivered a fantastic service and made a real difference to their lives. Trust staff are also encouraged to nominate their colleagues.

    On winning the award Laura said: “I am delighted to have won this month’s Shine a Light award. I really appreciate the recognition of my role and would like to extend this to my whole team who do a wonderful job of supporting families and children with a range of communication difficulties.

    “It is so nice to receive this kind of feed back and know the positive impact I've had. I enjoy my job so much and am privileged to work with such a range of families and see the children progress with the right support in place. Our role as Speech and Language Therapists includes carrying out direct therapy sessions as well training parents and other professionals to encourage and develop children’s communication skills. Empowering others to make a difference in this way really is one of the most satisfying aspects of my role.”

    Every month a member of staff or a team are selected from a list of nominations as the “Shine a Light” award winner. If you would like to nominate a member of staff or a team who has gone the extra mile for you, you can nominate online at

    For further information contact Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust’s Communications Team on 01480 308266 or email 

    Photo: Laura Kaye and Matthew Winn, Chief Executive.

  • Fun Run raises money for local children’s unit

    by Debbie Manning | May 22, 2017

    On Saturday 13 May over 350 people took part in the first ever Children's unit 10K event.  

    The event took place at Hinchingbrooke Country Park where people took part in a 5k or 10k run, or a 5k walk and buggy/wheelchair push. The participants were of all ages, from 8 week old babies in prams to grandparents. They included staff, patients and their families and members of the general public.Fun Runners

    Matthew Winn, Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust which runs Holly ~Ward and the Special Care Baby Unit was there to start both the run and the buggy push and said: “We were overwhelmed by the fabulous support shown by local families who, alongside our amazing staff, did a fantastic job raising funds for our children’s services.

    “A huge thank you also to staff, the Rotary Club and members of Dreamdrops (Huntingdon’s Children’s Charity) who helped marshal the event, as well as the Kier Group, Tesco and Little Aqua Swim for sponsoring us and raising money for new equipment. The atmosphere was fantastic and everyone had a great time.”

    The event was the brain child of Dr Kate Riley and Staff Nurse, Kathryn Childs, who after struggling to put a drip in an unwell toddler decided that if they had a piece of equipment called an Accuvein the procedure would have been easier and more importantly less traumatic for their young patient.

    Kate said: “The Accuvein is a special infra-red light which allows the position of blood vessels not visible to the naked eye to be identified. The cost of this device is £3000 and the majority of those in use around the country are purchased following fund raising events. Every penny raised by the participants will be used towards the purchase of the Accuvein.

    “I am so pleased with how the event went and I am delighted that we will almost certainly be able to buy the equipment we need to make blood tests and drips easier for babies and children. I want to say a huge thank you to all involved – and yes we may do it again next year!”

    The target was to raise £7000 to cover the cost of two Accuveins and stands. Thanks to everyone’s support they have already raised over £6000! Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so via the justgiving page at: and Friends of Mya Best who ran in her memory

  • Exceptional Support to local family wins Trust’s award

    by Kirstie Flack | May 03, 2017

    Jan Wilkins shine a light winnerJan Wilkins, family support practitioner, based in Fulbourn, has been awarded the Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust’s Shine a Light award.

    Jan was nominated following the team receiving a letter from the father of one of her patient’s for the exceptional support and care she showed to the family during a very traumatic time.

    The nomination reads: “I started to see Jan in 2015 and she helped me understand that our daughter’s health was deteriorating much worse and faster than I could ever admit to.

    “After our appointment at Kings Hospital, where we were told she had only six to twelve months left to live, it was Jan who was there to pick up the pieces and support us when our whole world fell apart.

    “Jan helped us over the following months on what to expect, helped us tell our son that she was going to pass away and even advised us on making arrangements for her passing and cancellation of medical supplies, disability car and DLA payments.

    “She monitored my low moods and anxiety as I grieved and helped me to grieve by going through all the tasks of mourning and checked to see if I was becoming depressed by giving me questionnaires to complete.

    “Without all of Jan’s help through the time we have known her I do believe we would have all fallen apart. Thank you Jan for all your hard work and support you have given to us it is appreciated by us all and will never be forgotten. It’s a real shame the allocated time with us has gone as quickly as we still have so much to talk about and I will miss making you your horrible green tea! You truly are one of the kindest people I have met in a very long time. Keep up the fantastic work, you are a really important part of your team and we are so grateful for everything you have done for us.”

    The “Shine a Light” scheme allows members of the public to nominate staff who have delivered a fantastic service and made a real difference to their lives. Trust staff are also encouraged to nominate their colleagues.

    On winning the award Jan said: “I am thrilled to have won the 'shine a light award' and appreciate the acknowledgement of my role within the Children's Community Nursing Team.

    “It is not always easy to provide psychological support to parents who are facing or grieving for the loss of their child, but it is a privilege to journey alongside them, providing counselling and/or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help them cope with their thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

    “It is difficult to measure outcomes within this specialist role, so it was especially validating to receive the feedback from the bereaved father that I worked with in preparing him for the death of his child and providing bereavement counselling afterwards."

    Every month a member of staff or a team are selected from a list of nominations as the “Shine a Light” award winner. If you would like to nominate a member of staff or a team who has gone the extra mile for you, you can nominate online at

    Jan Wilkins, Family Support Practitioner and Matthew Winn, Chief Executive.

  • Easter fun raises money for local Children’s Unit

    by Kirstie Flack | Apr 13, 2017
    Fundraisers and competition winners - Huntingdon Police HQ
    Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust’s charity ‘dreamdrops’ has received a donation of £162 for the Children’s Unit at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

    The money, was donated by Churchill Catering Ltd, part of Cambridgeshire Police headquarters, through an Easter charity event with all proceeds going to a charity of their choice, this year they chose ‘dreamdrops’.

    Anne-Marie Hamilton, Chairman of the ‘dreamdrops’ fundraising committee said: “We are extremely grateful to Churchill Catering for their very generous donation. 

    “The money will be used to purchase sensory toys for the new Autism Friendly area in the Children’s Outpatient area.”

    Philip Valentine, from Churchill Catering said: “’dreamdrops’ was chosen as our local charity this year and staff and officers at the Police headquarters guessed how many eggs were in a jar at a cost of £1 per go, and we also sold homemade cupcakes at 50p each. All the proceeds raised will go to ‘dreamdrops’. It was a huge success and we were more than happy to help the local children’s unit.”

    Money raised through ‘dreamdrops’ is used to provide additional items for the Special Care Baby Unit and Children’s Ward, as well as children who are cared for at home. For further information on how you can help raise funds for the charity please visit or email 

    (Photo: Left to right – Lesley Baldock, Karen Cooper, Competition winners Bill Nisbett, Lucy Thomson, Anne-Marie Hamilton, Chairman of dreamdrops, Philip Valentine, Tina Young and Nina Hull).

  • ​ “Definite improvement” in health reviews for Looked After Children under 5 years old across Norfolk

    by User Not Found | Apr 04, 2017

    Kirsten Francis, Head of Locality, Norfolk children and young people’s health services explained:  
    “Most children become ‘looked after’ as a result of abuse and neglect.  Although they have many of the same health issues as their peers, the extent of these is often greater because of their past experiences. Delays in identifying and meeting these children’s health and emotional well-being needs can have far reaching effects on all aspects of their lives, including reaching their full potential and leading happy and healthy lives as adults. 
    “We have a team of 13 health visitors who are passionate about providing timely, good quality health reviews for Looked After Children under the age of 5.  Additional training provided this year in partnership with the Norfolk Designated Safeguarding Team has supported their development and skills and 100% of reviews this year have been undertaken in a timely way with identified actions fully completed.  Quarterly audits also highlighted that the reviews are age appropriate and capture all of the child’s physical, behavioural and emotional development needs utilising information from health professionals, parents and the children themselves.
    “The positive feedback we are receiving and knowing that we are making a real difference to these children’s lives is really rewarding and we cannot commend highly enough the skills and commitment of our Looked After Children health visitors.” 
    Gemma, a foster carer living in Norfolk said: “I have noticed a definite improvement in the Health Visiting team for Looked After Children over the past year.  It’s really helpful because the children have lots of professionals in and out of their lives and it can be quite distressing for them.  Having that knowledge of the whole system and the process is really helpful, especially when the health visitors can come to looked after children reviews and have their input.  It’s definitely a big improvement.”
    Helen Gray, Health Visitor explained why her work with Looked After Children is so important to her: “I come to work because I want to make a difference to these children, it’s really important to me.  All of the health visitors in the team are really passionate about our work and we can see the importance of continuing to move forward and ensure these children achieve the best outcomes.”
    Sarah Barnes, Public Health Commissioning Manager for Children and Young People at Norfolk County Council said “There are many reasons a child comes into care, and this can have a negative impact on their health and wellbeing. The specially trained Health Visitors will listen to babies and young children using a variety of communication techniques including play. They do an excellent job monitoring the health and emotional wellbeing of these young children to help ensure they have the best start in life”
    To find out more about Norfolk’s health visiting services for Looked After Children visit:  

  • Young, first time mums and dads across Norfolk are getting the support they need

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2017

    Becoming a mum or a dad can be a challenging time particularly if you are a teenage parent. Norfolk’s Family Nurse Partnership is ensuring young, first time parents are getting all the help and support they need.

    Lisa Lorenzen, Family Nurse Partnership Supervisor explains:

    “Our sole aim is to make a difference to the lives of young parents and children, recognising that the earlier in pregnancy we can engage with them, the better the outcomes will be for both mum and baby. At any one time over the last 12 months, each of our eight experienced nurses will have supported up to 25 families to promote behaviour change, build healthy relationships with others, provide sensitive and responsive care giving to their babies and children and find additional support networks within their local communities.  

    Talking about the difference the Family Nurse Partnership has made to her, young mum Louise Witney said:  

    “They’re not just there for the children, they’re there for us.  The family nurse partnership has been brilliant – so thank you!”

    Dad Kelvin Myhill, agreed, adding “The Family Nurse Partnership has helped us a lot with the information, support and help they gave us.”

    Sam Fidler, Family Nurse shared her enthusiasm for the positive impact the service is having:

    “I love working with teenage parents. Often teenage parents have had real challenges in their lives so by talking about these things in pregnancy we can build on their strengths and help them achieve their goals. Having a positive influence on somebody’s life is the greatest reward for me.”

    Looking forward to further improvements in the coming months, Lisa Lorenzen commented:

    “During 2017, we will be introducing a new service for all teenage parents across the county, incorporating and bringing together the learning and positive outcomes from the Family Nurse Partnership.  We are confident that this new model will support young parents develop into confident, caring and resourceful young parents able to give their children the best start in life.”

    Sarah Barnes, Public Health Commissioning Manager for Children and Young People at Norfolk County Council said:

    “It’s a real skill building young parents confidence and patience. The Family Nurse Partnership is an evidenced based programme designed to support early intervention for young parents. Parenting is one of the most important responsibilities we will ever take upon us. Young parents need support to know how to raise happy responsible children and know how to deal with the day to day stresses of being a parent.  By widening the offer to all teenage parents across Norfolk the service will be able to support the improved life chances of young parents and their children and families.“

    To find out more about Norfolk’s Family  Nurse Partnership visit: :

    Further information on teenage pregnancy is available on the NHS Choices website at:


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